Here is how I spent my last few days in self-isolation at home. I hope that you will enjoy this video and find it healing in these weird times. Please take care and stay safe! ‹3 Xx

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Oh how much I love taking a walk along the Seine!
Unfortunately I had to leave France earlier than expected because of what's been happening globally. Here is a little explanation. Take care guys and please stay at home if you can! Xx

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Here are the pros and cons of living in Paris from my point of view. I filmed this video two weeks ago before all this craziness so I left Paris since then to spend these crazy times back home with my family. I'll be back in France though as soon as it's safe, but in the meantime, stay safe everyone and take care of each other! Xx

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Although we took these photos at the end of February and Jardin des Tuileries (the place where we took them) doesn't look like this anymore, this is an outfit that I could wear no matter what the season is.

Here are the 5 best coffee shops in Paris and my honest opinion on each of them. I filmed this video before this whole crisis, I hope you can still enjoy it! Please everyone try to stay at home as much as possible & take care of each other in this hard times! Wishing you all the best! xx

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Even though we took these photos about a month ago, spring has arrived to Paris a long time ago.

Here is how I spent my last few days in rainy, gloomy Paris, France. Hope you enjoy this video! xx

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Some photos we took back in autumn that I totally forgot to post for some reason. 


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