As usual, here are some snaps from my phone taken during the month of December.
I have to be honest, this month was pretty uneventful for me in Paris for many reasons: the national transportation strike made it impossible (or at least just very hard) to go out and do something fun, even though I would have had so much time to do so as I was already done with all my exams by the beginning of December. Still, that gave me the opportunity to discover more of Paris on feet for which I'm really grateful, I feel like I know a little bit more this huge city. Also, not being able to go anywhere and having a lot of freetime on my hands made me want to make more videos so I'm really happy that I was finally able to film more videos for my youtube channel. That being said, it's a relief that everything is back to normal, I definitely appreciate now more that I live in a city where I can get to anywhere I want using the transportation system. 
Hope you all had a lovely month! Xx

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