I've never done a favorites post before but there are so many great things I've discovered during December that I wanted to share them with you as well. Here we go!

1. Jewellery: Emma Chloe - I've never been into jewellery that much but I really like it these days. I want to incorporate it more and more into my everyday look and the beautiful pair of earrings that Emma Chloe kindly sent me is the perfect way start.﹡
2. New Look Boots - On the same note, I never liked wearing boots either. For the past few years, I would go out wearing only a pair of sneakers even in the minuses or a pair of ankle boots if it got unbearably cold. However, I started really liking them as well lately and I'm absolutely in love with my recently purchased New Look high ankle boots. I can't wait to wear them this season!
3. Fake fur coats - I get cold very easily so I usually only wear (fake) fur coats in the winter as only they can keep me warm. I'm so happy that they got so popular this season because that means more options to choose from. I recently replaced my all time favorite black fake fur coat to a burgundy one from Stradivarius and I absolutely love it.
Make up:
1. Vivienne Sabó: I said in my previous post 'My new year resolutions for 2020' that I really wanted to start experimenting more with make up. The Paris based brand Vivienne Sabó kindly gifted to me this beauty package (thank you so much!) so I'm excited to kick-start this new adventure with it. All of their products are cruelty free and totally affordable so I'm looking forward to use them during my everyday make up routine!﹡

1. Crown season 3 (Netflix): The Crown is back with its third season and it's better than ever! It's definitely my favorite season of the whole series so far so if you have not seen the Crown yet, I would definitely recommend giving it a try, you will not regret it!
2. Let it snow (Netflix): This is a very cute, very chill Christmas movie which is perfect for getting into the festive spirit during December. If you're still not over the holidays, you can also watch it in January because it's still very enjoyable and the movie soundtrack is also super nice.
3. Crush landing on you (K-drama): This is an original Netflix Korean drama with one of most interesting plots. I don't want to give away too much but it's basically a love story between a South and a North-korean so if you're into more political but still light hearted dramas definitely give it a go!
4. Flower crew (K-drama): I watched this drama after my midterms in the beginning of December and I literally finished it in 4 days. I love historical k-dramas and this one is definitely in my top 3, it's super funny and cute but very smart and interesting at the same time.

1. Coldplay's new album: I don't even have to comment this too much - Coldplay's new album is out  so make sure to give it a listen if you haven't already and you'll understand why it's on my favorites list this month!

1. Charmed Intuition's Tarot Channel: One of my guilty pleasures lately is to binge watch on Tarot readings on youtube. I checked out quite but Charmed Intuition is by far the best one for me. Her readings are crazy accurate and she makes the cutest decoration ever for her video. If you're into Tarot, definitely check her out!

  ﹡The products marked with a star were kindly gifted for me to try out but all of the comments are based my honest opinion.
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