I always hear people saying how fast the year goes by but I have to disagree this time.
I feel like so many things happened in 2019 that since it was so eventful I had the impression to have lived at least 3 years worth of experience in one year haha. The year started out in Shanghai for me: I was there on a 3 month contract and celebrated the new year with my friends on the other side of the world. After my contract ended in Shanghai, I hopped on a plane to explore Seoul which was at the top of my bucket list for the longest time. It was one of my favorite trips ever and shooting in a hanbok is definitely one of my nicest memories from this year. After my solo-trip to South-Korea, I went to Bangkok, Thailand to start my other 3 month modeling contract. I remember how crazy it was to adapt to the new climat and getting used to the Thai weather definitely took me some time. I really loved my stay there though and I miss the Thai cuisine until to this day! Also, I attended my first ever BTS concert in Bangkok in April which was definitely one of the highlights of this year. After working almost 7 months in Asia, I finally went home for the summer and I couldn't have been happier about it! In June, we went to Paris with my sister to attend another BTS concert (I know, haha) and in July I went back to Seoul for a 2 week holiday. I also went on the annual family trip to Croatia which was amazing and I'm already so excited to go back there next year! At the end of the summer I packed my bags and moved to Paris after getting accepted to university there. This was so far the most stressful time of the year for me, figuring out in 4 days where I'm going to live without any plans was something I never want to do in this life ever again. After I couple of weeks, I finally got used to the university life in Paris so I started working as a model here again while doing my studies. At the end of November I had my first university midterm season ever which was the second most stressful time of the year after the moving process to Paris haha. In December, I came back home to Budapest to celebrate the holidays with my family which is something I couldn't do last year, so I feel very grateful and happy that I was able to spend this time of the year with my loved ones. I'm overall very satisfied and happy about everything I've achieved and experienced this year and I can't wait to see what 2020 holds in store for me.
I hope you all had a wonderful year as well and I'm wishing you the best luck and health for 2020!

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