Good morning, hope you're all doing well!

A little bit about today's outfit: even though pink has to be one of my favorite colors ever (pink and black haha), I rarely ever wear it for some reason. I guess as I'm getting older I feel like I should dress more appropriate to my "age" which I know is just a ridiculous social expectation people plant in our heads. So long story short, I definitely want to dress more I did before - more colorful, kinda cutesy way without having thoughts like -well, but I'm 16 anymore-. Just wear what you want to wear, no matter how old you are or what your body shape is - life is too short to care about what other people think!

(﹡This outfit was gifted to me and you can find the co-order link for the outfit at the Femmelux page)

Bralette & skirt - Femmelux﹡ / Bag - Yesstyle / Sandals - Bershka / Hair clips - H&M

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