Hi from Seoul!

Good morning, hope you're all doing well!

As I said I really wanted to explore more of Hungary this summer. One of the cities that I remember visiting and really liking when I was younger is Szentendre. It's a super cute little town with a very traditional architecture and good food so if I'd definitely recommend you giving it a visit if you ever come to Hungary. :)

Some snaps from my phone from my Paris trip in June. We pretty much spent the days visiting museums, parks, walking around and of course attend the BTS concert. I loved it there as always and the photos really don't make justice to the real beauty of Paris.
Here is a quick back to school lookbook video inspired by each member of BTS! Hope you guys like it!

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This is actually the outfit that I wore to the BTS concert in Paris back in June (by the way, have you seen my vlog of the concert here?). As I mentioned before I love the combination of these two colors together and so does my sister this is why we picked a matching outfit for the concert. It's also my last outfit from Paris so I hope you like these photos! :)


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