All I remember from this day we spent touristing around Bangkok is how extremely hot it was.

My second month in Bangkok was full off exciting events: going to the BTS concert, going to Phuket for work, working, going to see Captain Marvel, Avengers, Game of Thrones... what a month! Here are the pictures I took along the way, hope you guys like it!

I really enjoyed shooting in this lovely Western-like spot back in Bangkok and I remember how much it reminded me of Europe.

Here are some of the methods/tips I'm using at the moment to learn Korean by myself. Hope you guys find video this helpful and let me know if you have more language learning tips as well! Xx

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Today is my last day here in Thailand and I can't put it into words how excited I am to be going home after half a year of traveling/working in Asia.
Here are some bits I filmed during my last week of working as a model in Bangkok, Thailand. Hope you enjoy! :)

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Another outfit post, another crazy hot day in Bangkok.


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