I really wanted to wear something nice to take pictures in on the rest of days of my trip to Seoul but the weather had different ideas in mind.
I thought it's time for me to make this video so you guys can get to me a little bit better while I'm answering some questions from this tag. Hope you guys enjoy this video! :)

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Here is everything I eat in typical day as a vegan model working in Bangkok, Thailand and a little exploring in one of Bangkok's best vegan restaurant Broccoli Revolution. Hope you guys enjoy the video! :)

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One of the things I always wanted to do before coming to Korea was to rent a hanbok and a do a little photoshooting around one of the famous palaces in Seoul.

Here are 8 tips I gathered together after travelling alone for the past 4 years. Hope it's helpful for some of you and feel free your solo travel tips in the comments as well! Xx

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I knew that I would really like Seoul but everything about this trip went way beyond my expectation. From the food to the people and the whole atmosphere:


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