Watch me fangirl over my favorite Korean dramas of all time. 

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I love the topic of skincare so much and I wanted to share some of the best hacks that I've discovered over the years of working as a model. Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have some tips for me as well that I didn't bring up in the video! :)

I just wanted to wish a very happy, prosperous and healthy, 2019 for everyone reading this! I'm writing this on the first day of the yearbut will probably be published later as I wanted to save these photos (took by the very talented Teodor) for a little later. Good luck and let's have a great year everyone! :)

I know veganism is quite a risky subject on the internet these days, but I really wanted to make a video like this while I’m still here in China

I love Budapest so much and I always find myself feeling super proud when people ask me where I'm from while working abroad.

This is how my last weeks of 2018 were spent: finally finding the perfect gym in my area, going to my friend's university, work, studying Korean and of course getting ready for Christmas.


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