The mustard skirt
This skirt is a must for autumn and winter and I'm pretty sure that more than 90 percent of the fashion bloggers have in their wardrobes,
but it's just one of those pieces that you can wear with pretty much everything in every season and it'd still look good. During autumn I prefer to pair it with more colorful items: green, burgundy, red or navy sweaters and turtle necks are usually my go-to.

The red skirt

I love this skirt! First of all because I got it for about 5€ a couple of years ago and second because it’s so simple yet elegant so I wear it all the time with basic shirts, turtle necks or sweaters.

Plaid pants
Im still not the biggest fan of pants so to wear something that is not a skirt or black is quite the challenge but I really like these ones because first I can wear it so many different ways and second Im not freezing like I usually do.

The plaid skirt
I love that some trends just seem to last forever. I got this skirt about 5 years ago and Im still not bored of it. Another super easy piece to style - I prefer to do it either with very simple basic shirts or darker colors such as burgundy.

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