I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for so long now because I feel like I’ve been vegan long enough to be able to share my experiences/hardships with being on a plant-based diet while traveling around the world especially in places like Asia where following this lifestyle can be a little bit challenging at times. 
So I’ve been vegan for about 3 years (didn't eat meat for 6 years now) just right before I started modeling and therefore traveling. Not gonna lie, this was probably not the easiest idea ever for someone who just started cutting out half of the food that she's been eating all her life and traveling at the same time (+ I didn’t even know anything about nutrition at this point).
The first country I ever stayed in for a longer period of time in Asia was Hongkong and oh man I really had no clue about what a balanced healthy diet was. Luckily soy products are generally very cheap and easily accessible all over Asia so one of my go-to street food option was either always boiled tofu/bean curd with soy sauce or the big pack of spicy Doritos that you can in 7-Eleven haha. Luckily countries like Hongkong or Singapore that are generally more westernized have a pretty decent amount of vegan restaurants as well so you don't have to live off junk street food for the rest of your trip like I did 2 years ago. 
Then there is China.. Oh lord. Well, it's definitely not the best country for vegans (or for anyone who is sensitive to seeing animal cruelty walking down the street..). I remember getting up everyday at least an hour before I had to just to do meal prep sometimes even for the whole day as I knew that it'd be hard to find plant-based options if I'm eating out. If you ever decide to visit China though I'd highly recommend you saving the Chinese name for the foods you wanna buy because unfortunately most supermarkets don't even have the English translations/ingredient list of their products.
And at least but not last I wanna mention the South-Asian countries that I've visited. Everybody told me beforehand how amazing Bali is for vegans and I must say it's literal heaven. Vegan food is super popular and since Indonesia is a rather cheap country, you don't really have to worry about the prices either. I had the same pleasant surprise about Thailand where fresh juices/cut fruits are everywhere on the street (yay for coconut ice cream) and had a little harder time in Malaysia where I was back to meal prepping everyday. They do have some really good vegan restaurants though (or good vegan friendly options) and so do the other places therefore I wanted to share some of my fav restaurants just in case any of you ever happen to travel there/need some good tips :)

Haakon Superfoods (not totally vegan, but really good options)
Whole Earth
Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food court
SoupSpoon (not totally vegan but really good vegan soups!)
- SG has loads of vegetarian food courts so if you wanna save some money you should check them out)
Mana (some healthy fast food)
Gaia Veggie Shop
Cali-Mex (Mexican place but they have the best vegan taco I've ever had in my life)
Kuala Lumpur:
Simple Life (asian vegetarian/vegan food, really good soups)
Feeka Coffe Roasters (vegan friendly + really nice acai bowls)
Broccoli Revolution (I've personally never been here but all my friends are loving this place - even my non vegan ones!)

Hope you guys found this helpful, I wish you a nice sunday! :)

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