I'm usually always the first person to be up for touristing around in a new city the first day I arrive

My favorite place on Earth.

Can't believe I'm leaving in 3 weeks!

Happy Monday!
One of the things I'm missing the most when away travelling is my easy access to nature (I live in the suburban area of the capital and the nearest forest is about 5 minutes away from my house).
So I didn't mean to get overly dramatic in the title but as being someone working in the model industry, maintaining a healthy and glowing skin is essential in order to look good on castings and for the clients to like you (or at least it's a great advantage for sure). However sometimes it requires a lot of work and effort and experimenting to find a daily skincare routine that fits this lifestyle.

Not sure about the concept behind these photos we took the other day but I really like how they turned out (even though I was super tired this day + I'm still trying to adapt to the heat over here).
About the outfit: I'm starting to have a really hard time coming up with new outfit ideas since I've been living out of my suitcase for the past 5 months and most of my clothes are sweaters/winter coats and warm scarfs. Oh well.


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