(dress - Alice's pig, flats - Pull & Bear)

Happy December!
Before even trying to come up withe excuses I'd like to announce that as you've probably already noticed consistency is not one of my strong points (never been, probably never will be.. struggles of being a gemini). Therefor I have absolutely no idea what is even this blog at this point (I'm still really glad if some of you is still reading it and check up on it once in a while). Since starting travelling more thanks to modelling I kind of became busy (and lazy) to post regularly and to be honest so many other things just seemed way more interesting - like learning about astrology, making new friends, meeting new people and just living life basically. That being said it's still nice to get my thoughts and my creativity with fashion blogging out so you'll probaly still see me sometimes popping up on here and there.
Thanks for reading, wish you a nice one!

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