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If you have been following me since the VERY beginning you probably remember I used to fashion blog on tumblr first. After I opened this blog, I never used that one again as I had my other tumblr (here).After yesterday's new Sherlock episode (OMG) I realized that probably all the people who had found my tumblr thanks to this blog or my lookbook and followed me hoping I'd post something more personal or fashion related probably hate me right now for fulling their dashboard with all the fandoms related stuff,I decided to re-open my very first personal tumblr again. So if you have any questions, you can ask me there, I'll probably answer them more quickly than in the comments/e-mail. (: You can find it Here. Thank you and have a nice week everyone! :) ^^

Ps.: I was featured as one of the 'top 10 pants looks' fashion blogger (feel the irony?) on Your Next Shoes, you can find the full article here! :)

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