A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for everything this year, I'm sooooooo extremely grateful for your support. I wish you an even better new year, you've ALL deserved it guys. See you later! xx

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Despite the fact that I cook/bake relatively a lot (especially during the weekdays when no one's in the house when I get home so I have to cook for myself), I never once shared a recipe with you during my 1,5 year of blogging. But it's all about to change today, I'm gonna show you how to prepare this extremely delish and easy cookie that one of my classmates made us last week. ^^
(also, sorry for the crappy translate, I never did anything like this before)


* 125g flour (I used the whole grain version)
* 100g sugar
* 100g melted butter
* 1 egg
* 100 g chopped chocolate
* pinch of salt
* 1 teaspoon of baking powder

Melt the butter then let it cool down. Mix the eggs and the sugar, then add the flour, the chocolate, the salt, the baking powder and the melted butter, mix them well. Put mounds in the baking paper covered baking tray with your teaspoon and put it in the preheated over for about 7-10 minutes.
You're gonna get about 40 cookies when you're done.

* 125 g liszt (én teljes kiőrlésűt használtam)
* 100 g cukor
* 100 g olvasztott vaj
* 1 tojás
* 100 g apróra tört csoki
* csipet só
* 1 mokkás kanál sütőpor

Felolvasztjuk a vajat, hagyjuk kihűlni. A tojást a cukorral összekeverjük, beletesszük a lisztet, a csokit, a sót, a sütőport, és az olvasztott vajat, összekeverjük. Sütőpapírral kibélelt tepsire halmokat teszünk kiskanállal, előmelegített sütőben kb. 7-10 perc alatt megsül.
Kb. 40 db lesz belőle

Bon appétit! ^^

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Merry Christmas everyone! I really hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating this beautiful holiday this year! :)

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I've been waiting for quite some time for my ipod case to arrive - and today it finally did so I felt like I had to share this awesome webshop I've found a couple of weeks ago with you guys. If you happen to look for cool phone & laptop cases, I definetely recommend Society6. You can find sooo many different cases, from fandoms to food and through vintage and nature themed ones. Hope it's been helpful, have an amazing week everyone ^^

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xx :)

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