Monday, July 1, 2013


Si tout va bien dans ce moment je suis en train de partir en France pour y passer ma semaine prochaine. Comme j'étais déjà à Paris il y a 2 ans je connais quelques places dans la ville, mais cette fois-ci on visitera Strasbourg, Lyon et Tours aussi (plus Paris encore une fois). Est-ce que vous avez des conseilles pour moi? Les meilleurs places à visiter? Pourriez-vous me les écrire si vous en avez? Merci pour tout le monde. Bisous. :)

So hopefully right now I'm on a roadtrip to France to spend my next week there (Strasbourg, Paris, Lyon and Tours). I already was in Paris 2 years ago but if you have any kind of advises/tips for me, I'd really like to hear them. Thank you all so much! :)

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  1. Lucky you! xx Maylis

  2. This is so tourist tip, but still; If you haven't been in Sacre Coeur, it's something to see.. Also Versailles is very pretty place! :)

  3. This picture is beautiful. Paris looks amazing.I wish I could go...
    You have an amazing blog. I'm a huge fan, and I just followed you :)
    If you can, I'd be incredibly honored if you could check out La Dolce Moda and maybe follow if you like!

    All the best
    La Dolce Moda

  4. Oh wow, lucky you! I too have been to Paris a few years ago and it was amazing! Try to visit as much as you can, there's so much to see so be prepared! Can't wait to see pictures! ^^ Hope you have a wonderful time (it's Paris, of course you'll have a wonderful time!!)

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  5. Lucky girl! I'd love to see Paris one day!


  6. if only i read this 6 months ago :)


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