Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The first of May

(Shoes:  skirt: bershka, top: second hand)

It was 29°C in Budapest today but unfortunately I stucked in my room learning for my french exams all day *sobbing * so to do something interesting I went for an evening walk with my dad. I decided to bring my camera with me to shoot some outfit photos. By the way I'm not really used to the outdoor shooting, so excuse my boring, tired and sleepy face. Happy May everyone!

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  1. Love your ankle boots! x

  2. Love the look! :D

    xx MJ

  3. Really like this outfit too! It's different from the last but it still kicks butt! The skirt and shoes are a great pair. I wouldn't think of putting it with that shirt but it works quite well! And hey, outside shoots are kinda weird because they're public. I much rather prefer private shoots.

    Ally @

  4. You look great. I love evening walks

  5. I like this outfit...

  6. Great post! Love the skirt!


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