I've created a lookbook.nu account, my first fashion related tumblr and after it this blog.

(lol sorry I just had to)

I've been to London, UK for the first time. Loved it so much.

Visited some cool fashion shows.

Finished elementary school, started the summer holiday.

Spent a lot of time at my grandparents' plot.

Spent a lot of time at home too, met friends, had a loooot of fun.

Had a fun birthday time and got my first Canon ever.

Made a little wardrobe makeover.

Had a wonderful time in Verona, Pisa, Rome and Florence. Amazing places, wanna go back there soooo badly.

I've started high school... ugh.

Even during the school time, had a lot of cool afternoon programs, met friends etc.

Visited Krakow, Poland for the first time. It was very nice there.

Baked a lot with my sister/friends, started to eat way much healthier, became a vegetarian.

Been collaborating with a lot of cool webshops, I'm extremely grateful for it! Also posted a lot of looks on lookbook check them out here.

And other bunch of stuffs that I've been doing this year but anyway, all I've wanted to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, hope you all had a great year. Thank you so much for support, see you in 2013 too! :) xx

BOLDOG ÚJÉVET MINDENKINEK és köszönök mindent! :) xx

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I've spent my day at my grandparents' plot where I really adore to be, because everything is sooo nice and calmed. So here are the photos, hope you like them. I go now, have everyone a nice evening! :)

Az év utolsó előtti napját a nagyszüleim telkén töltöttem, ahol nagyon imádok lenni, mert minden olyan csendes és békés. Itt van pár kép a kis kirándulásról, remélem tetszik nektek. Most megyek, szép estét mindenkinek! :)

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(items from nowistyle)

The new outfits that I've styled for Nowistyle. What do you guys think?

Az új outfitek, amiket a Nowistyle-nak állítottam össze. Nektek hogy tetszik?

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(glitter skirt: mango)

My new skirt that I bought in Mango on the sale. What do you think?

Az új mango-s szoknyám, amit a leárazáson sikerült beszereznem. Mit gondoltok?

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(ring: oasap , fake tatoos: DCER)

The outfit I was wearing for celebrating christmas with my family. Hope everyone had a nice time by the way. Now, I'm spending my evening watching my favorite series. Hugs!

Az outfit, amit viseltem karácsonykor. Egyébként remélem, hogfy mindenkinek kellemesen telt. Most megyek megnézni pár részt a kedvenc sorozataimból.  Szép estét mindenkinek!

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