Saturday, September 22, 2012

Something I've been working on

I've been working quite a lot on the makeover of the walls of my room and I don't why but I wanted to show you the result. I really like to waking up and immediately see a bunch of motivation and other photos that bring back nice memories. Do you guys have anything like that on your wall? Let me know! xx

Eléggé sokat ügyködtem a szobám falain nemrégiben és bár nem tudom miért, de meg akartam mutatni nektek a végkifejletet. Imádok úgy felkeni,hogy egy csomó motivációs és kedves emléket előidéző képek tömkelege fogad. Nektek is vannak esetleg hasonló képek a falaitokon? Írjátok meg! :) xx


  1. I love this idea, I have hundreds of photos blutacked to my walls but having them in frames is much nicer

  2. You did a great job! Well done!!!
    I actually don't have such photos but there is a collage of my dreams, some quotes and mottoes, cutting outs from the magazines that I like and inspire me)))

  3. Amazing photos :**

  4. amazing photos! i really love the idea <3

  5. Wow! Your project came out so great, I don't have anything like this but I think I would like to make something similar. It just sounds really nice, to wake up to good memories. :)

  6. How pretty. I love photo collages on walls. I love your Paris inspiration.

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  8. Your wall looks great! And I love how using pictures to decorate walls makes rooms so personalised!

  9. i love your blog!


  10. love your entire blog :D

    you're very beautiful anyway ;;)

    thanks for visiting my blog :D

  11. ah! Paris, I love you.

  12. I did this with my wall too. With photos from the places I've been, mostly England and Scotland. It's kind of inspiring and motivating. Like, when you wake up, you see the pictures and smile because of the good memories, but also you get inspired to work harder, so you can go and see them again or see other great places:). Too bad I don't know if I'll be allowed to do the same in my dorm room in Germany...


  13. geez ! i love all your pics , i love your style , i love your blog *.*

    i'm following you now :)

  14. Love your walks- they're si full of character! :)

  15. Very cool. I have a wall of photos too. Just fun pictures of my friends/ripped out from magazines/printed off my computer. Not as fancy as yours...


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