Sunday, August 12, 2012

Favorite cosmetics

You must know that I'm not into makeup at all, I rather prefer the 'less is more' theory but just like everyone I have my own favorite cosmetics as well. I little makeup can perfectly complete an outfit and even if I don't usually wear them a lot these are my favorite ones. So what about you? What cosmetics do you all use the most often? I'm really curious!


  1. beautiful colours. :) :)

  2. HI dear ty for visit, nice blog...

    Maybe we can follow each other?

  3. thank u for a lovely comment I am also following u on blogvin and I am your fan on lookbook :):)

    come back to me again :D

  4. Amazing colours! I love bright lipsticks but I don't wear them often.


  5. My favorite piece in my collection is my Chanel lipstick. It took me about half a year to earn enough points for it at some German site, but in the end I didn't pay a cent for it and I love the color!
    Also I need my MAC foundation, my NYX blushes, my Sleek eyeshadow palettes and my brushes from bdellium tools. I'm a bit of a junkie, but I calmed down recently :D

  6. I don't wear a lot of makeup either. A bit of concealer, a tiny bit of blush powder from time to time, and mascara (not every day as my eye lashes are kind of long & full already). But I do like to groom a bit more for special occasions and then I mostly experiment with lip colors. I love the Summer collection of Dior Addict a lot in this respect. I have used those quite a lot -in my terms- this Summer!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Of course I am happy to be following you on bloglovin as well. You are so stylish!


  7. I love your blog. It is new and super cool. Really! Will stay tuned

  8. there is nothing quite as pretty as a fresh tube of bright lipstick! those are beautiful but i'd have to say that my one can't live without is benefit mascara!


  9. lovely and sexy lip colors! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Stop by again hopefully! Thanks!

    Little K.

  10. AVON is everywhere in here. But I never tried their lipsticks. Yours look so nice! I'll try it next time. I usually use mascarra and lipstick to give life on my not so alive eyes. :)


  11. lovely colors. I use almost every type of makeup, I'm a total makeup junkie and aspiring makeup artist..hehe

  12. Gorgeous colours of Your lipsticks ! Love them all *_* Kiss x

  13. Nice colours!

  14. Really gorgeous colors :)
    Thank you for lovely comment, I just checked out your blog and I love your cute retro style. Follow you.

  15. I totally agree with you, one lipstick can make your outfit more fabulous!

  16. you and me match LOL!.... I think the same, less is more, I don´t use to much make up, and I´m 28 years old dera... I bought my first make up suplyes when I got married LOL... but let me tell you that I don´t have skin problems, and I think is because of that reason.
    thanks for the follow, now is my turn so we´ll keep in touch ok!

  17. Working on a post with my favorite products! But I'm with ya... not too into make-up! Although lipstick is a great way to transform a look! New post is up on the blog.. come visit?



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