The pictures were taken this afternoon when my friends and I went to Starbucks to relax and talk a little bit before going back to school. It's on monday so I'm kinda nervous but keep telling myself that it'll be fine. Anyways, have a nice weekend everyone! :) xx


(Skirt & floral headband - bershka ; sweater: borrowed from my sister)

I can't express with words how much I love oversized knitted sweaters so one more reason why I'm so excited about fall. The weather is getting colder and the days are finally not that beyond long. I really can't wait, what about you guys? Anyways, have a nice day everyone! :) xx


Some of the 'shades' that I'll wear a lot this autumn. My mom and I spent the day together, went our favorite stores and shopped a little bit for autumn and school. It's in a week so I'm trying to prepare for that. What are you guys doing in the last days of summer?


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(Top & skirt & parka - ; wedges - H&M)

That was kinda ruthless to shoot these photos in this hot weather but nevermind I'm a warrior haha. I couldn't wait to show you this outfit so I didn't even care that it's about 35 °C hereI wanted to try to take photos in a different part of our garden but eventually I ended up shooting them in the exact same place. Anyways, have a nice day everyone! :) xx

Shirt - Shorts - Hat - Bag - Shoes

A little inspiration for autumn guys. It's on the corner so I thought I share my favorite items from sheinside with you. So what do you think about it, which item is your favorite one? Have a nice wednesday everyone, see you soon! :) xx

Photos from yesterday afternoon when my sister and I decided to walk hours to visit my grandparents' new place. Today's a national day here so tonight I'll probably be just sitting in front of my TV and watch the fireworks. Nice monday folks! :)

Ever since I got a new camera I basically take it with me everywhere and take photos of every little unnecessary thing. That's why it's with me even if I just go for a walk with my dog and my sister. Anyways it's a perfect pastime for a saturday afternoon. Happy weekend everyone! :) xx

Hello readers, just wanted to let you know that you can find a little feature of my 'first day of school' outfit and outfit ideas in a post on Fashion, Trends & More. Click here or the picture to check it out! :) Nice friday everyone! :) xx

gg.png (1003×670)
g5.png (996×670)

(Short - HERE ; Wedges - H&M)

This beutiful golden shorts arrived this morning into my mailbox. I've wanted some golden bottoms I don't even  know since when so massive thanks to Jovonna London for sending this to me. You should totally check their webshop, you can find so many nice things there. Have a nice wednesday everyone! :)

Hello folks, just wanted to let you know that E-tailwebstores is running a competition right now to win an iPad! Join it if you want to below! By the way, how do you spend your monday afternoon? Have a nice day everyone! xx
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You must know that I'm not into makeup at all, I rather prefer the 'less is more' theory but just like everyone I have my own favorite cosmetics as well. I little makeup can perfectly complete an outfit and even if I don't usually wear them a lot these are my favorite ones. So what about you? What cosmetics do you all use the most often? I'm really curious!

(Denim jumpsuit - HERE ; shirt - zara)

A few days ago my Oasap package has just arrived and it contained this lovely denim jumpsuit (HERE). I love it so much, it's so comfy and just perfect for a summer afternoon. The shirt is from Zara, bought it in Rome like a month ago. Have a nice tuesday night everyone! :)

(I'm so in love with my new floral headband)
Pictures of my weekend. I just love to sitting in our garden and reading a book on a sunday afternoon. I'm off now to meet some of my new classmates (and figuring out how to survive this hot weather). Have a nice monday everyone! :)

voros.png (948×664)

(Denim shirt - Primark ; Skirt - DIY ; Wedges - Stradivarius)

I just wanted to make an outfit post with my favorite DIY skirt which was made in like March but I've barely worn it. You know that I'm in a fall-mood that's why I thought to wear this burgundy velvet skirt this time. I bought the denim shirt at Primark in London at spring and it's still one of my favorites pieces as well so what do you think? Hope you all have a nice saturday! :) xx


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