I already mentioned that I spent one of my other weekends at my grandparents' plot and seriously every time I go there I find some cool and vintage stuffs that just make my day. My grandma told me that she has a lots of fabric she no longer needs so she was so sweet and gave it to me. It's just one my favorites of them but I'm so happy that I don't have to spend money for my DIY projects. Good night readers! :) xx

As I mentioned a couple days ago I reshuffled my wardrobe. There is a room in our house that noone really used an we basically put every useless and unnecessary things that we no longer needed. So me and my mom decided to get rid of almost everything there and I thought this could be my wardrobe room! I also said how much I'm excited about fall so I put all of my clothes there that I'll wear when it'll be colder. Here's the result, it's kinda weird for me that everything is organized (yeah, we can say that my old wardrobe used to be a mess) so I'm still getting used to it, but I'm so happy that my clothes finally have their own tidy place. I can't wait to use it!
Have a nice weekend everyone! :) xx

(Skirt - Bershka ; shirt - Primark ; wedges: Stradivarius)

One of my summer outfits that I usually wear. I just realized how much I rather prefer fall and winter clothes and how much I don't like this hot weather (which was a bit rainy recently but still too warm). I'm so in autumn-mood plus I reshuffled my wardrobe - basically I moved from my closet to my own wardrobe room (I'll write about this later) and I can't wait to wear my favorite knits and coats. So what about you? Are you looking forward to fall and winter as much as I do? :)

(this carrot cake is seriously the best cake I've ever ate)

I spent my weekend at my grandparents' plot, and if you were maybe reading my old tumblr you probably know that how much I love to be there (and also how much I love to take pictures of flowers). My grandma always cooks the best food and the atmosphere is just perfect there. I brought my camera with myself so here are the pictures. And where did you guys spend your weekend? :)

(Wedges & skirt - Stradivarius , T-shirt - Zara)

That's how I look like nowadays (when I convince myself to go out of the house and finally do something instead of resting the all day). I did just get a new haircut (like in every 2nd month) but it's much longer than on the picture because of the curl (just wanted to let you know haha). Hope you're enjoying your time too! :)

1. MANGO knitted jumper
2. ZARA biker ankle boot
3. Urban Outfitters bag
4. American Apparel leather tap short
5. MANGO ring
6. Forever21 collar blouse
7. Isabel Marant sneakers (haha sweet dreams!)
8. Forever21 bag

That's how my wishlist looks like at the moment. I can't wait until my traditional 'Vienna trip' with my family so I'll be able to shop in many stores that are not here. Only a couple month! And now tell me, what is on the top of your wishlist at the moment? :)


Pictures of my last 2 days in Rome, Italy. I just got home a couple hours ago and honestly despite I really enjoyed my time there it's good to be back home. Italy was good, the food was perfect and I had fun there. Hope you all have a great time! :)

Pictures of yesterday and today's trip. We have spent these 2 days in Pisa and Florence and right now I'm writing from Rome. I haven't seen much from the city yet but I'm looking forward to the city tour tomorrow. Have a nice night! :)

(Juliet's tomb and house in Verona)

(sister looked adorable in her white dress today)

We just arrived here, Pisa a couple hours ago but I already like it. This place is beautiful too and I can't wait to see more tomorrow. Good night! :)

(wearing H&M denim shorts with a top from Bershka)

I'm off to Pisa tomorrow. We went to a place where there was a beach today and I really really liked it. Only bad things was the hot weather but it was fine. The place is beautiful and the food is perfect. I'm gonna miss Verona.


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